Concert May 5, 2013

Our web site is new for the 2013-14 season, so we don’t have too much history on here yet, although the club is 80 years old, if I calculate correctly.

To fill that gap, we’ve made a few pages detailing some of last year’s concerts.


Concert Sunday, May 5, 2013  3:00 p.m.

Program coordinator: Joan Reddy          Refreshment Head: Marilyn Abel

Viola de Gamba Sonata in G Minor , BWV 1027    J.S. Bach (1685-1750)
Adagio-Allegro ma non tanto-Andante-Allegro moderato
Irma Sirvatius, Viola              Natacha Rist, Piano

Introduction and Variations, Op. 82, No. 2        F. Schubert  (1797-1828)
Fern Abrams and Joan Garniss, Piano, 4 hands

Five Pieces in Folk Style, Op. 102    R.Schumann (1810-1856)
Mit humor – Langsam – Nicht schnell – Nicht zu rasch – Stark und markirt
Janice Tervo, Cello                  Joan Reddy, Piano

Nocturne, Op. 55, No. 1     F. Chopin (1810-1849)
Kathy Kerby, Piano

Intermezzo in A flat    F. Poulenc (1899-1963)
Julia Harper, Piano

Quatre Visages    D. Milhaud (1892-1974)
I. La Californienne    II.The Wisconsonian     III. Bruxelloise    IV. La Parisienne
Irma Sirvatius, Viola            Natacha Rist, Piano

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